The Pines Pet Pampering


We are a small, luxury, all-suites boarding facility.

Our dog suites are actually 10'x10' bedrooms with windows and raised bedding.

Inactive dogs or dogs who prefer a laid-back, quiet boarding experience enjoy lounging in their

private suites with 4 daily supervised potty breaks in our fenced in yard.

We also offer additional play group sessions for active dogs who like

to be social and play during the day.  After breakfast, these guests head off to our

daily play group to enjoy off-leash activities and play time with other

active boarders and doggie daycare buddies.

Our supervised play groups rotate outside play time in our fenced in yard,

with indoor play time in our play room, depending on the weather.  

Our dedicated Hello Kitty boarding room for cats features kitty condos, as well

as tree climbers and window views. We also care for birds, small mammals,

reptiles, and other small pets as long as you bring their enclosure and substrate.

We believe seeing is believing and we're proud of the cleanliness of our facility.

We've always encouraged touring a facility before considering whether to leave your pet.

What a facility smells like, what it sounds like, and what the general energy/vibe is like

are such important indicators.  We value maintaining an organized, clean and

calm atmosphere, where pets can rest and be at ease. 

Since our lobby has been closed to the public due to the pandemic,

with all assistance being provided curbside, we encourage new clients

to engage our other more established clients through our facebook page.

Our clients are your best source of information and they are always

more than happy to share their experiences and firsthand knowledge with you!

Referrals have built our business, and we're extremely grateful for that!

We also have a walk-through tour of our boarding wing on our facebook page.

Just click on the videos tab!

What to bring

Food. Bedding. Favorite toys. Favorite treats.

Dry food needs to come in ziplock or container.

Bring labeled medications with instructions.

Pricing Per Night

$45 for 1 dog in a room

$65 for 2 dogs in same room

$80 for 3 dogs in same room

$90 for 4 dogs in same room

$100 for 5 dogs in same room

$28 for 1 cat in a condo

$17 for 2nd cat in same condo

$28-$45 for exotics

depending on requirements

for enclosure, substrate, feeding


Proof of vaccinations from a Veterinarian.

No vaccines given within the last 7 days.

Nuetered/Spayed. No overgrown or sharp nails.

Check In/Out Times

Check in is after 2pm

Check out is by 11am

Need morning check in?

Need afternoon check out?

Book the room the night before, or through the

following morningso that the room is vacant.


Check your dog into doggie daycare the

day of arrival for early check in

or the day of departure for late check out

Add Ons/Discounts

Play group sessions & grooming related services are

discounted 20% when booked with boarding reservation.  

Extended stays: 10% (10 nts), 15% (15 nts), 25% (25 nts) 

Hotel Policy

We operate exactly the way

hotels do!

Advance reservations & deposits are typically

required as we are routinely booked full.

We need the hours between


to perform in depth housekeeping

which includes sanitizing our

suites to prepare them for our

next guest's arrival.