The Pines Pet Pampering

Who We Are


Opened in July 2005 as a small facility geared at personalized boarding and holistic grooming, the superior care and attention provided for each pet established loyal clientele with a high referral rate.

The Pine Trees: Melinda's grandfather owned land in Joshua back in the late 60's/early 70's and the state of Texas' forestry program gave her grandfather hundreds of tiny pine tree switches to plant. The little switches grew to over 100 ft tall and have become a landmark in Joshua.

In 2009 we outgrew our original location next door to Melinda's home and moved into our new location on Broadway, keeping the name "The Pines".


Owner, Professional Pet Stylist, Holistic Pet Care Expert, Canine Behaviorist, Certified Aromatherapist, Author, Speaker, & Educator

With over 25 years of working in the veterinary field and pet care industry, she is known for her expertise in holistic pet care and canine behavior, as well as her special bond and connection with animals of all kinds. Her main focus is the health and complete well being of every pet, as well as the ethical and humane treatment of all creatures great and small. She donates her time to the Joshua Animal Shelter and other rescue organizations, grooming rescued pets to encourage their adoption and she assists with Johnson County AniMeals on Wheels.

Melinda is a practicing Certified Aromatherapist through the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and has specialized study in Animal Aromatherapy. When she's not busy at The Pines, she writes for publications and teaches at seminars and conferences around the country.

Her current pet family includes:

Little Bit - a rescued maine coon cat

Mr. Kitty - a rescued tabby cat

Joey - a rescued main coon cat

Billy - a rescued chihuahua mix

Murphy - a rescued french bulldog

Penelope - a rescued french bulldog

Frankie - a rescued shih tzu

Kenley - a rescued shih tzu/poodle mix

and finally, Onyx, our rescued office greeter cat that has been with us since 2008!


Salon Manager, Professional Pet Stylist

Chelsey is part of the heart and soul of our team! She has been with us for many years after having been mentored by Melinda and she now manages our grooming salon. Chelsey is a very skilled and talented groomer who excels at styling hand scissored breeds such as Bichons! She also has previous experience as a veterinary nurse and is skilled at grooming dogs with special health requirements.

Chelsey exemplifies the best kind of groomer because of her patience and tender-hearted care of our furry guests. Not only does she manage our grooming salon and style dogs every day, she also helps in many other areas of our facility and we value her to the moon and back!

Her current pet family includes:

Aurora - a miniature poodle

Charlie - a rescued chihuahua

Rosie - a rescued cavalier king charles spaniel

Wendy - a rescued cavalier king charles spaniel


Professional Pet Stylist

Robbie came to us with over 20 years of experience in grooming, with a unique desire to learn holistic methods and adapt to our standard of care! She has been a part of our team for many years and she brings such a calming and balanced spirit to the grooming department which makes her such an important part of our team!

Robbie is also a very stylish and talented designer with an aesthetic eye! Her favorite breeds to groom are Maltese and Yorkies.  

Her pet family includes:

Lizzy - a rescued boxer mix


Pet Care Attendant

Melinda's son, Noah, has been a huge part of The Pines Pet Pampering since the very beginning when he was 7 years old. He has learned all about the animal world from Melinda and takes after her in his relationship with all pets. Noah is also a talented artist with focus in animation and digital design. He splits his time working at The Pines as well as focusing on his art. His compassionate, calm, and caring nature make him a valuable part of our team!



Lonnie is Melinda's husband. He shares in her endeavor to provide the best of care to the pets staying at our facility. He is not only partner in the business, he also helps take care of our boarders on the weekends!

Lonnie is the mastermind behind all solutions to maintenance and repair issues and we would not be where we are today without him. He is a full time teacher, but when he is not busy conducting the Joshua High School band, he can usually be found helping here!

Why Us?

We truly value attention to detail, personalization, cleanliness, ethics and professionalism.  

But most of all, we follow the holistic mantra "Do No Harm". We value treating each pet as an individual with individual needs.  

We will not compromise our standards by cutting corners. Each pet in our care deserves the best treatment and the utmost compassion.

We love what we do, and we love to do it well!